900 Golden retrievers gather in Golden


It was a dog-day of winter in one part of Colorado…and that is meant in a good way.

A group of more than 900 golden retrievers gathers in Golden.

And it was a dog-gone good time.

Matt Mauro reported.

Golden…has gone to the dogs.

But this is not a paw-ty for just any kind of four-legged furry friend. But a dog-gone gathering of golden retrievers…right in the middle of…Golden.

Follow me here…Stephanie Palko brought her golden, Parker, all the way from Parker…to Golden for the first ever…”Goldens in Golden” gala of sorts.

“He’s very excited. He loves outings,” said Palko.

So do the rest of these goldens…Some are young…Others old..and all are patriotic to their people…and a friend to those who share the same shade of fur.

So…you really don’t have to worry about any of these goldens barking up the wrong tree…but you do have to worry about the shedding and fur a flying.

“I got dog hair blowing in my eye.”

Hannah Button, with Visit Golden, doesn’t think that’s too…ruff…because Goldens in Golden…is her golden idea.

She helped procure the puppachinos..and the other golden gear, and fetched Kevin Shipley, with Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.

“Goldens are a perfect Colorado dog,” said Button. “I think every new car goes out with a golden retriever in the back seat.”

And there’s no better way…or place…or day to celebrate them…than on National Golden Retriever Day, when every one of these dogs really has its day.

So on this warm winter day…that you could say…is golden…a grand total of…that’s right…that’s at least 911 cold, wet noses and happy tails wagging down the street.

And these dogs aren’t just good…they’re…golden.

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