MOMTREPRENEURS: Natasha Peters and Distinctive Designs


HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Natasha Peters creates hangers for a living.

“I bend the wire into the future last name or a phrase of their choice,” she explains.

You could say it’s a business that chose her.

“This right here was the original hanger, the inspiration, from my friend’s wedding,” says Natasha as she holds up a hanger with her name and pink flower.

After getting the hanger for being part of her friend’s bridal party, she got to work on her creating her own.

“Because I am not a person that tends to purchase items that I feel I can make myself,” says Natasha.

“And I thought I did pretty well,” she laughs”

So she posted some hangers on Facebook.

“And it took off, not like huge at first but in the course of two or three months, I sold about two thousand hangers over facebook and then I started on Etsy,” says Natasha.

This is the hanger Natasha created for her own wedding.
Natasha’s business helped pay for her wedding dress!

At the time, she and her husband worked in State College and when she wasn’t working, she was working on her hangers.

“I would do it on the way up, I would do it on my lunch, I would do it on the way back home, we would stay up late creating these hangers and not go to bed until after 12 and then do it all again the next day,” says Natasha.

Piles of hangers made by Natasha.

The work was piling up.

Until finally, it was Easter of 2016…

“I was at my grandmother’s house, we’re having dinner and I said to my husband I was like ‘oh my goodness like I just had like 30 sales today’ which had never happened on Etsy and from there it became hundreds of sales and then thousands,” says Natasha.

So she decided to take Distinctive Designs full time.

“I was pregnant so I quit my job and it was extremely scary because I had never done anything on my own,” says Natasha.

Three years later, not only is Distinctive Designs thriving but so is her family.

Her two boys, Caden and Liam, keep her just as busy has her business does.

“I hear mommy play blocks like 17 times a day,” says Natasha.

Natasha with her husband
and two boys.

“I’m still working on the balance part every day is a different adventure,” she laughs.

Natasha can’t always do both at once. “It’s not easy,” she says.

So she finds herself always working.

“Most people don’t understand what mom guilt is but it’s an everyday thing,” explains Natasha.

Over the years, Natasha has learned one important lesson that she wants to pass on to aspiring Mompreneurs.

“Put your kids first, you don’t get this time back,” she says. “I know that you want to be successful but honestly they’re only this age once and I have to constantly remind myself that every day.”

Because after all, she’s doing the work for them.

You can listen to Amanda Kenney’s conversation with Natasha on the Momtrepreneur’s Podcast.

You can check out Natasha’s Etsy’s shop, Distinctive Designs.

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