Momtrepreneurs: Jaime Finklestine and Bronzed Obession


Jaime Finklestine is a one of a kind Momtrepreneur. 

“It’s exciting because the kids love seeing everyone come in, but it does, it can be a lot sometimes. But I would not change it for the world, I love it,” she says. 

Jaime is a nurse during the day. 

By night and the weekends, she works on her mobile spray tan business, “Bronzed Obsession.”

“It’s convenient, it’s easy to travel,” explains Jaime as she folds up her spray tan tent. 

She’ll come to you,  or you can come to her.

But remember, she is a mom!

“You come in, my kids are here and you are in a kids zone so the kids want to come in, they want to welcome people,” says Jaime.

Jaime found a product she likes and took a chance on her business.

I flew actually down to Ft. Lauderdale and did a hands on training down there so I’m certified through the company online and also hands on,” explains Jaime.

She’s been in business for about a year, all while working at the hospital and being a mom.

“A lot of people think you don’t spend time with your kids when you have a business. People are like. ou’re taking time away from your family and your kids’ but it’s not. I make my own hours, I have people come whenever they want to come,” says Jaime. 

And when they leave, they’ve got a smile on their face and a sun-kissed glow all year-round. 

“The tanning is something I can do to help people,” gushes Jaime. “I want people to feel better about themselves you know, I want them to look their best so tanning is…Who doesn’t feel good with a tan? Right?!” laughs Jaime.

You can find more information about Bronzed Obession, HERE.

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