Tyrone residents having brown and yellow colored water


People in Tyrone say they’ve had yellow or brown water for about a month.

Dirt colored, urine colored. That’s what people in Tyrone tell me their water has looked like sporadically in the past month.

Chris Futrick, lives in Tyrone. You could say he’s had an ongoing water problem.

“I kind of noticed that my filters were getting used up and filled up and I had no water pressure in the house about two to three months ago,” Futrick, said.

He says his water’s been coming out orange or brown.

“Now, that I’ve looked at the water. I”m glad I had a filter on it,” Futrick, said.

The water in this photo from a Tyrone resident may look clean, but the water on the left is actually discolored.

Ardean Latchford, Manager of Tyrone Borough says the water Superintendent began flushing the water system in the Borough September 14th.
They were scheduled to begin a week later, but due to justifiable complaints started it earlier.
Because there wasn’t much of a difference, the borough flushed the water system again.

Futrick hopes he can stop going through filters soon.

“I just was kind of baffled that these filters are only lasting two weeks when they really last six months,” Futrick, said.

Manager Latchford tells WTAJ, the borough hopes to be finished cleaning the water system by Wednesday.
He also says to remember, this water system has been around for over a hundred years.

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