Rogers Stadium construction behind, crews hope to be finished before school starts


Last Fall, construction delays at Bellefonte High’s Rogers Stadium, due to excessive rain, caused the football team to hold only one home game there.

This Summer, phase two was supposed to be done by July 26th, but that’s not happening.

The construction manager says although they’re behind where they expected to be in the construction here at Rogers Stadium, they’re working more man hours to make sure the field is ready for upcoming events.

“We run on concrete, and it really hurts your shins and stuff, and when you practice, our pits are pole vault pits and stuff, they’re like not very good,” Hannah McKeague, Junior at Bellefonte High School, said.

David Stezin, Project Manager on the Rogers Stadium Phase Two project, says a few rain days and heavy competition for workers in the Summer has pushed back construction as did a mix up on the assigned jobs.

“There was kind of a gray area in the specifications, the site, water and sewer was actually listed in the plumbing section of the specifications,” Stezin, said. “So, the general contractor assumed that the plumbing contract would pick that up.”

The plumbing contractor did not think it was their responsibility to do that work, because typically that type of work is done by the site work contractor.

To make up for that month long delay, workers are here weekends and longer days.

“Some of them are here at 5:30, a lot of them are showing up at 6, so they are starting the day a little earlier,” Stezin, said.

Stezin says the construction on the overall 7.3 million dollar upgrade should be finished by August 12th, in time for a grand reopening and the Bellefonte Football team’s home opener, on August 23rd.

“I really hope that, we can all play, like the band, and everybody comes out and does the “Light up the Field” night, because honestly I think that would be really cool,” McKeague, said.

Stezin says this coming Monday, contractors are meeting to make sure they finish this phase two project by August 12th.

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