ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Everything in 2020 is a little different, even how a local post office collects letters for Santa.

One post office maintenance worker helped save the holiday season by using his artistic skills to create a new mailbox for Santa.

“I covered every square inch of this thing,” says Matt Spielvogle. “There’s no empty space, walking around it you can just notice all the detail on it.

It’s a work of art on a United States Post Office collection box from 1958.

It’s got the cathedral, “I wanted to personalize to Altoona,” explains Spielvogle.

There’s also Santa Claus and a beautiful reindeer.

It’s Spielvogle’s gift to the kids in Altoona.

“I’ve just wanted to make my mark on this town, Mike finally fave me the opportunity to do it,” says Spielvogle.

Mike Olsavsky is his boss.

He’s the Altoona Post Master and agreed to let Matt spruce up the collection box after the Altoona Christmas Parade was canceled.

“We’re always there collecting the letters to go to Santa Claus,” explains Olsavsky.

Since that couldn’t happen this year, kids can take their letters to Santa to the Downtown Post Office and drop them inside the collection box.

“Every letter deposited does get sent to the North Pole and will be answered by Santa Claus,” says Olsavsky.

It took Spielvogle an entire week of his vacation time to finish the box, using skills and techniques from his business known around the country called Spiel’s Grills.

“I was tickled pick when we brought it in so I couldn’t wait to show everyone and of course it was at 6 o’clock in the morning so I was antsy until around 8 o’clock when people showed up,” says Spielvogle.

It’s a piece of art he hopes will last a lifetime but bring some happiness to the kiddos, right now.

“Kids, they’re the world, so it means everything to me just to see smiling faces especially right now with Covid going on. I mean, we need everything positive so this is something positive we can do for the community,” says Spielvogle.

Plus, it’s helping out Santa to make his job a little easier during his busiest time of the year.

When you drop off your letter to Santa at the Downtown Altoona Post Office, don’t forget to write a return address on your letter so Santa can write back!