House found with more than 60 cats to be demolished


Last week the Huntingdon Borough Council voted to demolish the house where more than 60 cats where found.

This, after the homeowner was taken to prison, with charges on multiple felonies.

The Huntingdon Borough council said after hearing testimonies and looking over the health code, the house qualifies as an emergency and needs to be demolished immediately.

“Things had been done, several things, and our code enforcement officer had been out here, over the past two years issuing citations for different violations and was on top of the situation,” Robert Jackson, Councilmember for Huntingdon Borough, said.

Jackson, councilmember for Huntingdon borough says, the state agency in charge of cat sanctuaries was contacted. He says he’s not aware of any action taken by the state.

The borough is close to an agreement with a contractor to demolish the house.

Right now that contractor is still assessing how to go about the destruction without harming the community and the environment.

No timeline yet on when the demolition will start or how long it will take.

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