Haunted Hotel in Windber Brings ‘Paranormal’ Experience


WINDBER, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Gateway Hotel in Windber provides a real-life haunting experience for guests who stay in one of their 32 themed rooms. The owner of the hotel, Blair Murphy says when he first bought the place, he felt like it was the building found him. It wasn’t until after Blair purchased the property that he discovered that there was paranormal activity lurking throughout the building. Several professional paranormal investigation teams have traveled from all around the nation to come and experience a night at the Grand Midway Hotel. Blair is aware of many of the stories that have been told from previous owners, historians, paranormal investigators, and psychics and mediums, and while people have different experiences, a lot of times their stories align.

Out of every room in the hotel, the most ‘haunted’ of them all is known as the ‘canopy room’. Owner, Blair Murphy says eight out ten people who decide to stay in that room can’t sleep through the night because of the eerie feeling that the room brings. Some people report having vivid nightmare, with people in the dream sending warnings, others believe the bed is rigged to make it shake, which Blair says is not the case. Blair even says he will feel a presence of something and oftentimes it feels like he’s being touched.

Blair has a unique collection of art, taxidermy, animal skeletons, memorabilia, and artifacts that make up what he calls a museum. Blair even has jars of dirt that has been taken from people’s graves throughout the museum.

Blair recently bought a near-by church that he calls ‘the American Renaissance Church.’ Inside there’s a collection of Ann Rice dolls, a mural and quirky items that go along with the mystical aesthetic. This Saturday, Blair is hosting a ball in the church where he’s inviting people to come in costume and have some Halloween fun. Temperatures will be checked at the door and masks are encouraged.

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