Blair county residents emphasize importance of registering to vote


Today is National Voter Registration Day! Voting is a right that we all have as Americans. It’s our way of voicing our opinions on leaders, budgets and important topics like health care among other things on a local, statewide and national level.

With 42 days until the election — this day urges people to register to vote to make sure their voice is heard at the polls

This day is all about creating awareness about the importance of why we as Americans vote – and to make sure that people are registered and prepared to cast their votes on election day.
The deadline for registration online and in person in the state of Pennsylvania is October 19th.

There are 4 ways to register – online, by mail, in person at your county’s voter registration office, or through PennDOT. The forms are pretty straight forward and you will typically be asked to have your driver’s license or some form of ID when registering.

Once your county approves your registration – you’ll get your certification in the mail within two weeks! We spoke with some Blair county locals about why they feel it’s important to vote.

“It’s extremely important — you need to be heard as an individual and it’s your civic responsibility,” says Tyrone resident, Angela Whetstine

“Get in there who we want in there,” says Duncansville resident, Jeff Dick

“I feel that people should have the right to say what they would like and especially with healthcare and social security that’s coming up and everything, and just to get the best person in office for the best of America,” says Altoona resident, Ellen Kivitz

Again – if you want to make your voice heard for the upcoming election on November 3rd – you’ll want to make sure you’re registered by October 19th.

You can check your registration status and register if you need by clicking here to visit Nation Voters Registration Day’s dot org website.

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