Yanny or Laurel? It’s the question dividing the internet

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It’s the newest internet debate: do you hear Yanny or Laurel?

“People hear something different than what I hear,” Delilah Allison said. “It’s just crazy.”

We put people to the test and the answers varied.

“I hear Laurel when I put it up to my ear, but when somebody else does it near me I hear Yanny,” Tyler Bush explained.

Azaar Hemingway was out on the basketball court with his headphones so we saw if putting them on made any difference.

“Yeah, I’m still hearing Laurel,” Hemingway told us.

The youngest people we interviewed were set on Yanny. They even disagreed with their parents.

“My mom voted Laurel and so did my dad, but I voted Yanny,” Carter Brunner smiled.

So what gives?

Audio experts seem to think the range of frequencies a person hears could explain the debate, which is going viral.

So whether you’re team Yanny or team Laurel, before it makes you crazy, maybe we should all just agree to disagree?

“They are two totally different words so I don’t understand how people are hearing different things,” April Bush said.

If there’s one thing that remains certain in this debate, it’s that the internet is divided.

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