PennDot works to keep roads clear through winter storm

Local News

PennDOT crews were out in full force Wednesday, working to keep the roads clear for drivers across the state.

Officials say they began preparations late Tuesday night by filling trucks with salt and treating the highways. Crews are working in 12-hour shifts around the clock until the storm completely moves out.

Vehicle restrictions and reduced speed limits have been put into effect on many roads as well.

PennDOT officials say their main goal is to just keep the roads passable, which has not been easy.

“It does start to accumulate on the roadways, and it does get slick. Especially when it starts to pack down and you see wheel tracks,” said PennDOT spokesman, Mike Crochunis. He went to say “What we try to do is try to keep things a little slushy and a little wet and try to get it off the roadway as best we can.”

Drivers are asked to keep a safe distance from any plow trucks you encounter, and to hold off on passing them as they plow.

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