How to Beat the Heat

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Temperatures topping 90 degrees aren’t unusual in our region in the summer, but the effects seem to catch some of us by surprise.

The emergency department at Mount Nittany Medical Center will likely see an uptick in the number of people with heat-related illnesses in the next several days.

Emergency Room Doctor, Jeffrey Elias says it’s important to keep a close watch on the very old and very young because for different physiological reasons, their bodies have difficulty handling the extra heat.

Most of us should be okay if we come in out of the hot weather when we can and remember to drink enough liquids, the right ones.

“People start to hydrate with alcoholic beverages so if you’re hydrating with caffeinated beverages or alcohol beverages you’re not getting the benefits of  drinking water or an electrolyte containing drink like Gatorade,” Elias said.

Dr. Elias says if you don’t have air conditioning, you can get a nice cool-down at home even with just a fan and some water. He says if you like to exercise outdoors, do it early or late in the day when the temperatures are lower.


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