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A Bridging Cambria County resource fair was held in Nanty Glo on Thursday to connect people in need to people who can help.

The fairs are held in different locations throughout the county, to let people know about the services available locally.

“Transportation, employment and other sorts of mental health, food, hunger, housing,” said Matt Spangler from the United Way of the Laurel Highlands, which helps run the event. “A lot need employment. A lot need education of what’s around in their local community.”

Jennifer Price and her family are new to the area. They moved to Nanty Glo last year.

“We’re still learning about the area and what’s available,” Price said. “You move to a new town and you really don’t know until you start asking questions. Sometimes that can be kind of hard.
Price’s husband has a disability and she’s out of work.

“We need a job right now. And I was looking for help with paying utilities and stuff like that,” Price said.

Feeding her family of five can also be a struggle. That’s where David Rager can help. He manages the Interfaith Food Pantry, which feeds up to 300 families every month.

“There is definitely a need. I think the unemployment in this area is higher. And so, with that being said, we give a lot of food out,” Rager said.

Even if you don’t meet income requirements to receive monthly boxes of food, the pantry will still help out in an emergency.

“We want to help as many people as we can. So, if you need help, please contact us,” Rager said.

Price, who ran out low on food stamps last week, said she’s grateful for the help and doesn’t feel so alone.

“I’m really excited to know that there are people who actually care about us as a community,” Price said.

The next Bridging Cambria County resource fair will be in Carrolltown in August.

If you’d like to learn more about the resources available in your hometown, you can call the PA 2-1-1 helpline by calling: 2-1-1.

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