Blair Co. Court shows appreciation for its employees

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One by one, employees from the 11 different departments at the Blair County Courthouse were introduced and thanked by their supervisors at the county’s State of the Court assembly on Monday.

“Like everywhere else in the courthouse, it’s the employees who carry the day and provide, often in very unsung and very behind the scenes way, the performance that make sure the court operates efficiently,” Bruce Erb, Blair County Commissioner, said.

This is the 13th year the department heads and judges have held this meeting. This year’s theme was “Positive Employees Build Positive Outcomes.”

“We’re very interconnected. We work very well together and, you know, people like each other, and these kind of events are one way we foster that,” Elizaeth Doyle, Blair County’s President Judge, said.

After the initial assembly, folks were encouraged to explore the display tables around the room to learn more about the work their colleagues do in their department.

And as for what she sees as the state of the court next year, Judge Doyle said she’s especially looking forward to working in the newly renovated courtrooms.

“We had plaster falling on our heads. We couldn’t serve the public the way we liked to, and with the newly repaired heating and air conditioning, the courtrooms will serve the public that much better.”

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