Your turn to be frustrated? Navigating the state’s newest COVID vaccination tool


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout continues to struggle so the state introduced the “Your Turn” tool to help cut the confusion. Does it work?

Bob and Lynne Beal moved from Maine four years ago to be closer to their grandkids in Lancaster County. Getting vaccinated will get them back to normal, and recently they were able to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

“Yesterday we were here in the morning and got a confirmation email and [we were] so excited. Then we went out for a walk and 45 minutes later we came back and had a cancellation notice,” Lynne Beal explained.

So it’s back to the website and clicking on dots in search of a shot.

“There’s a lot more blue dots — and a lot of don’t have vaccines [or the ability to] vaccinate,” the Beals said. “It’s a lot of working for nothing.”

In a news conference on Thursday, Governor Tom Wolf admitted the state’s vaccination efforts need improvement.

“We all know that here in Pennsylvania we need to do better,” Gov. Wolf said.

The state is touting the “Your Turn” tool to navigate those confusing waters.

When attempting to troubleshoot the COVID-19 app, abc27 News noticed that, for instance, if someone were to check off the “smoker” box, they would be able to find a location to be vaccinated because people who smoke are qualified under phase 1A of the Pa. COVID vaccination plan. However, if that same person were to go get their shot, nobody is checking to see if they are, in fact, a smoker.

“There are all kinds of things that people can do in every walk of life to game the system. I think most Pennsylvanians are being very honest about this,” Gov. Wolf said.

Lynne Beal agrees with the Governor, saying “I think most people are gonna be honest.”

Her husband isn’t so sure.

“I think it’s human nature. If I can get ahead of someone saying I’m a smoker and no one’s gonna check…” Bob Beale said.

The Beals talked to family back in Maine who are attempting to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“They’re getting vaccinated today and I’m thrilled for them,” Lynne Beal said.

And they’ll be thrilled when they can hug those grandkids here in Pennsylvania.

“You feel desperate some days,” Lynne Beal said. “It’s discouraging.”

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