WATCH: Police dept. uses eerie siren from ‘The Purge’ to signal start of coronavirus curfew


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ACADIA PARISH, La. (WFLA) — The local police station in Acadia Parish, Louisiana appears to have unintentionally frightened members of the community by sounding a curfew alarm identical to the one used in the horror film, “The Purge.”

Acadia Parish is currently under a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew where citizens are not to leave their homes and if they do, could receive a citation. To initiate the start of the curfew, patrol cars reportedly drove around the parish sounding an alarm that is eerily familiar, if not identical, to the one used in the movie “The Purge.”

“The Purge” is a widely popular horror film based on an America that that has government sanctioned ‘purges.’ In the movie, a purge is a yearly block of hours where all crime, including murder and rape, is legal.

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard told local news station KATC that the department received mixed reaction from the public about the siren. He said he had no idea the sound was associated with “The Purge,” and doesn’t plan on using any type of siren moving forward.

Here is a video from someone on their front porch at the time the alarm was signaled near his home:

Here is a clip from “The Purge”:

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