Pa Department of Health speaks on Coronavirus


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pa Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine says that it’s important moving forward regarding the coronavirus and to make sure they understand the difference between facts and myths.

During Tuesdays coronavirus update news conference Dr. Levin stressed the importance the people need to understand the difference between a patient in isolation vs. quarantine.

“An isolation is when someone who is sick with an infectious disease like the coronavirus is kept at home and away from other people so they won’t spread the illness and someone who is sick may be kept at a hospital in isolation,” said Rachel Levine: Pa department of health secretary.

A quarantine is much different.

“To protect public health, they are remaining at home; they are not sick but staying home to protect public health,” said Levine.

The state has the legal authority to impose both if necessary. Dr. Levine says scammers are marketing liquids on the internet claiming to treat the coronavirus.

“A certain preparation or vitamin that might cure the virus that is misinformation that does not exist; there is no treatment at this time,” said Levine.

Some people have expressed concerns about receiving mail or a package from an area of concern.”

“We don’t know exactly how long a virus can live on those surfaces so it won’t be longer than minutes or hours so to live on a package that is shipped from China through the entire shipping process would be remote the CDC says if you have any concerns wipe off the package,” said Levine.

There has been talk on social media that the risk will go away when warm temperatures arrive.

“We are going to have to find out because no one knows about this because it’s a new virus that we have never seen before,” said Levine.

Dr. Levine continues to encourage everyone to visit the CDC or department of health website to get accurate and up to date information.

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