CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Centre Volunteers in Medicine have received and are administering their first round of COVID-19 vaccines.

They say 100 doses were received with another 200 on the way. About 30 volunteers have be given their vaccine so far and 70 are scheduled for next week.

The clinical services director organized the shipments and she says when the volunteers found out they could receive the vaccine, there were more smiles than she’s seen in the past ten months.

“You know, we were saying the other day, we feel like we’re handing out doses of hope and optimism, and those are the best side effects that we could have from this vaccine,” says Kristi Mattzela, clinical services director at CVIM.

One doctor who received the vaccine says he recognizes this doesn’t change precautions such as social distancing and masking, but it’s helping them breathe a little bit easier.