How to spice up your space while working from home


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(WTAJ) — After an entire year of living in a pandemic, working from home is still going strong. The dining room table has turned into a DIY home office and living room couches are the new home for conference calls.

Working from home definitely has its perks (wearing pajamas all day, for starters) but sometimes it’s hard to put yourself into a working mindset, especially when you’re not in a different setting. Shani Moran, celebrity home decorator and CEO of Pillow Pops shares how you can transform your space into an efficient spot for work.

Moran suggests finding what she calls a “power place” in your home. You should start with the most unused space. After you pick your spot, sit down and do an assessment of your needs.

What will help you focus: having everything placed right in front of you, a desk calendar, or a clock to keep you aware of the time? Everybody needs different things to help them succeed. Write a list of things you would like to improve on (meeting deadlines, remembering your meeting schedule, stopping to take breaks) and go from there.

Another way to get your space into work mode is by using furniture to create boundaries. This could be done by moving around an accent cabinet, an armchair, or anything that creates a semi-private space. According to Moran, this helps put you in work mode while setting the tone for your space.

Are you working in a small area, like a studio apartment? Moran suggests using a mirror to give the illusion of opening up space. For darker corners of the room, bring in some light with a lamp or decorative item with a pop of color, like a pillow or clock.

Most importantly, eliminate the clutter. If you have over seven random items laying around in one particular area, Moran says narrowing down is the best way to create space to breathe and form new ideas. You can store those random items away for when you need to use them later.

Happy decorating!

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