(WTAJ) — Madness. It’s pure madness. An absolute multiverse of madness, and Dr. Strange is the culprit as Marvel releases the first teaser for their next blockbuster, Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

OK, without any Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers, it’s been obvious since the beginning that we would see something happen to cause the multiverse doors to open and Spidey facing past foes.

Now, Dr. Strange looks to Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. Scarlett Witch to help deal with this multiverse he’s accidentally opened. If you look closely at the teaser trailer that Marvel just released Wednesday morning, you’ll see Wanda standing in or orchid, pruning branches from trees.

What might seem innocent could be much more. Marvel has been known to absolutely love using metaphors and foreshadowing. Could Wanda pruning the branches be a metaphor for her needing to “prune” the branches of time in the multiverse?

Strange himself appears to have a run in with the man only known right now as “He who remains.” A character that was introduced in Disney Plus’ Loki series when Loki reaches the end of time. “He who remains” is also known to comic fans as Kang The Conquerer, or at least a variant, or version, of the intergalactic villain.

While Dr. Strange tries to fix his mistakes, he must come face to face with the reality that the biggest threat to the universe may just be himself. He also runs into himself too. No, really, he’s confronted by a variant of himself that appears to be from a darker, more evil universe.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the film has undergone ‘significant reshoots’ since mid-November. Benedict Cumberbatch would later tell SyFy that the reshoots came because of logistics that made them fall behind schedule, such as COVID-19.

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