(WTAJ) — Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has a deep heritage tied to the world of professional wrestling. The third-generation superstar will see his daughter, Simone, become a fourth-generation superstar in WWE.

Simone Johnson recently chose a new ring/stage name as part of the protocol for all WWE Superstars lately. With the name “Ava Raine” in place — Johnson also changed her Twitter name — she seems ready for her in-ring debut, likely with WWE’s developmental brand, NXT.

Being the daughter of The Rock certainly leaves one open for the jokes to roll in. Johnson shared a tweet from a fan that was disappointed she wasn’t going to be called “The Pebble.”

Something clearly familiar to her as she replied, begging fans to come up with a better joke.

There’s no specific date for the debut of the next Anoa’i family member, but in the wrestling world, anything can change at the drop of the hat.

WWE, however, may try to speed things up after stating she would be the first-ever fourth-generation superstar in the company. History shows that WWE loves to tout the “first-ever” anything.


The Anoaʻi family, the lineage The Rock carries, is a Samoan Dynasty in the wrestling business. Currently, Roman Reigns and Jimmy and Jay Uso, all cousins of The Rock, are known as “The Bloodline,” a fitting name considering their bloodline carries back for more than half a century.

Cheif Peter Miavia, The Wild Samoans, Rikishi (Fatu), The Rock, Umaga, and more have all made waves through the wrestling industry whether it was in the American Samoas, Hawaii, a U.S. territory, or like right now with the WWE.

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While The Rock hasn’t wrestled more than a handful of matches over the past 15-plus years, Roman Reigns is keeping the family name secure and Simone Johnson might just be looking to help carry on and honor the lineage for another generation.