Study shows if older or newer scary movies raises heart rate more


Remember these bombs? Here are the worst movies released every year, according to Metacritic scores. (Photo: Getty Images)

(WTAJ)– A study done by a company has found that special effects and CGI don’t really make the horror movie even scarier. Results are in, and they are terrifyingly interesting.

After going through more than half a million applications, FinaceBuzz chose Madi Koch to be the Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst in a study where she had to sit and watch 13 scary movies with a FitBit on to gauge her heart rate.

Madi was also tasked with giving each movie a scare rating with one being the least scary to 10 being the scariest to see which movie she said was the scariest actually got her heart rate up. The interesting part is that the movies with the lower scare ratings actually made Madi’s heart rate jump the highest despite having lower budgets.

Even though the movie “Saw” only had a budget of $1,777,386.61 it gave Madi the highest heart rate spike with a 106. The highest budgeted movie she had to watch was “A Quiet Place 2” and that only gave her a heart rate spike of 98.

“The divergence between Maddi’s perception of how scary the movies were and her heart rate data shows that the mind and body aren’t always in sync when it comes to assessing our own fear,” they said. “Jump scares and slow-building dread can get the heart racing as well as high-cost CGI effects.”

The entire study, including Madi’s breakdown of the films that she watched, can be found on FinaceBuzz’s website.

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