Snoopy teams up with NASA in Macy’s Parade


(WTAJ/CBS) — The 93rd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade took place this morning featuring floats, giant inflatables, and marching bands, including over 8,000 volunteers. But one balloon, in particular, took on a new look.

In this year’s parade, Snoopy was dressed up as a NASA astronaut to celebrate the 50th Anniversary since Apollo 10 landed on the moon.

Former NASA astronaut Kay Hire says she’s excited about the float that commemorates NASA and hopes young kids will “see snoopy and be
Inspired and think of what it means to explore space.”

“Because we’re really faced with a lot of technical challenges as we return to the moon and eventually go on to mars. Perhaps one of the people that are here in the audience or watching at home can be that one to find the solution, that innovative, crazy solutions that we need to further space exploration,” said Kay Hire: Former NASA Astronaut.

Peanuts has actually been involved with NASA for a long time. Since the ’60s, they’ve been making a little snoopy tin that goes into space and is
awarded to astronauts who’ve done special things in safety and safety programs.

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