OH college students build replica of Star Wars’ BB-8


HILLSBORO, Ohio (WBNS) — Jedis, and probably most of their families, already know the new Star Wars film is set to be released nationwide this Friday.
But you don’t have to wait to see the BB-8 robot in theaters.

That’s because he’s already landed on a college campus HERE IN OHIO.

Here’s to the tinkers, here’s to the dreamers. To those who dream big and those who see failure at every turn and keep going.

Inside this community college classroom, Professor Josh Montgomery taught a small group of students to do something they’d never done before–build a robot.

Together, three students built this exact replica of the star wars droid BB-8.

For 8 months they toiled like young Jedi to bring this spherical robot to life.

They say it took thousands of hours to create this machine.

6 computers help propel the 50-pound robot.
Its likeness compared to the real one in the movie garnered a tweet from BB-8’s creator Matt Denton who wrote “That’s great. Well done all.”

8 Powerful magnets and tiny wheels keep BB-8’s head on swivel and motors inside his belly allow him to move forward.

Nerds, who became Jedi Warriors in the classroom thanks to a Yoda- like professor.

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