1st trailer finally released for Ghostbusters: Afterlife


(WTAJ) — For years Dan Akyroyd(Stantz) has chased his “White Whale” every time he talked about a new Ghostbusters movie happening with the original cast.

The sequel seemed far fetched and grew even more distant when Harold Ramis(Egon) died in 2014. Something sparked from that though, as Hollywood was edging towards the all-female Ghostbuster remake.

A remake that wasn’t bad, by any means, but for as much as people enjoyed it, it just missed the mark of the original cast.

Will the next generation of future Ghostbusters be able to pull it off? With Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things taking the lead of the youthful team, the cast is rounded out by the ever so popular Paul Rudd.

Sprinkle in the emergence of Bill Murray(Venkman), Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson(Winston) all reprising their original characters, and I’d say there’s a high probability that they will pass the torch to a new series for the iconic paranormal investigators.

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