JOHNSTOWN, Pa (WTAJ)– Michael Cashaw will officially have his name on the Democratic ballot in the May primaries for the 72nd District Seat.

Cashaw had to go through a court battle to get his name on the ballot. His petition to put his name as a candidate was challenged by his opponent. The challenge was whether his signature on the petition was his real one.

The court process for this challenge took a full three days, with Cashaw noting that his opponents were given extra time. The courts dismissed the case against his petition Friday, which allowed him to get his name in for the primary.

Cashaw is a Johnstown resident and has served on multiple local boards, including the school board. He notices the multiple improvements that are going on within the Johnstown area, and he wants to keep that going. He finds the amount of hate within the city unnecessary and wants it to be changed.

“I would love to see the city come together and unite for a common purpose which is to revitalize the city and keep the revitalization going,” Cashaw said. “We want to keep stuff like this going, so squash the hate. It isn’t beneficial to anyone.”

Another thing he wants to focus on is education and infrastructure. He wants to build on education to eliminate some parts of poverty and have the next generation of leaders. When it comes to infrastructure, he wants to improve reliable internet to patrons. He hopes this will create better opportunities for folks in the district from these initiatives.

“I would like to see the means of breaking down those barriers and start to think of ourselves as a metro area,” Cashaw said. “We’re all in this together. The city here will have ripple effects outward.”

Cashaw will be running against incumbent Frank Burns, who’s been in the district seat since 2008.