CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — As the May primaries inch closer, Dr. Mehmet Oz leads the Republican candidates for U.S. Senator by one tenth of a point, according to a new WTAJ/Emerson College Polling/The Hill poll. The majority of voters remain undecided.

Dr. Oz made a stop in State College on Saturday for a town hall discussion with area residents. The crowd included Oz supporters and curious parties, who asked for his insight on major issues impacting their lives.

“The biggest issue [they ask about], without any question, is energy,” said Dr. Oz.

Oz said he would be an advocate for domestic natural gas.

“If we have natural gas coming out of the ground like what we could, and supplied it to foreign countries in place of their dirty coal, it would be the equivalent, listen carefully, of electrifying every vehicle, putting a solar panel on every residential roof, and doubling wind energy,” said Oz. “That’s a lot of power just from using our clean natural gas under our feet here in Pennsylvania.” 

In addition to energy, Oz said he’d plan to serve on health and education committees if elected.

With 50.5% of voters unsure who they’ll choose, Oz told WTAJ he plans to make waves with big community events and gain the support of public figures.

“I’ve been in a lot of tight races in my life, not in politics, but in other walks of life. I know how to defend myself when I’m attacked. I know how to be a big bold voice,” said Oz. “There’s also the president’s endorsement which will make a big difference, and I’m hopeful he will endorse at some point, and I think I’m a pretty good candidate for him to support.” 

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His campaign trail has stopped at about 20 locations so far as he vies for a seat in the Senate.

“I will commit to supporting whoever wins, and I think everybody else will as well,” said Oz. “I know this has been a vicious primary, but the good part about that is whoever comes out, knows how to fight.”