Destination Pennsylvania: Roundtop Mountain Resort

Destination PA

From skis to paintball, this York County resort is open year round — and when the snow melts, paintball is the main attraction.

Kendra Nichols takes us to Roundtop Mountain Resort in Lewisberry, York County.

“It’s kind of a military-style dodgeball, in a way,” said Andy Debrunner, communications manager of Roundtop Mountain Resort.

“I just like the rush, and it’s just something different,” Christopher Farscht said.

Roundtop Mountain Resort in Lewisberry, York County is home to one of the largest paintball facilities in central Pa.

“So we have seven different types of fields of play, added Debrunner. “We have a container field, we have what we call D-day, where this is an actual shell of an airplane that you can hide in.”

Finding a good hiding spot is key in this game and the goal is to splatter your opponent with paint.

“Everything you need is provided right here on site,” said Debrunner. “You get a paintball gun which fires out little paintball pellets, which is relatively painless. You put a mask on for protection, and then you kind of shoot them at each other.”

The game is more fun with more people.

“I think this is the third or fourth time that we have done this,” Farscht said. “It’s a really cool facility. The people here are really nice. They are always very helpful and informative  like safety and all that stuff so it’s a good time.”

The group outings are four-hour blocks. they also have a pavilion and grills

“Hang out with your friends, have a cookout on the grill and spend an afternoon here at roundtop,” Debrunner said.

The paintball season at Roundtop Mountain Resort runs through the fall. You have to be 10 years or older to play but they also have a low impact version for anyone eight years or older.

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