ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pizza is loved by billions across the globe, but did you know that Altoona, Pennsylvania has its own specialty slice?

A look at a pie of Altoona style pizza

Some call it “Altoona Style” while others call it “Altoona Sicilian.” What makes it so different? Instead of using mozzarella, the Altoona Style uses a slice of American cheese, with genoa salami and green peppers underneath.

A few establishments in Central PA serve up the Altoona style slices, and it’s a fan favorite for a number of people, including for customers at 29th Street Pizza Subs and More in Altoona. Owner Steve Corklic said he has received all sorts of feedback about the pizza.

“The majority of the people love it, we’ve had food critics travel through here,” Corklic said.

A few miles up the road at Dino’s Pizza, you can find the unique slices as well, where owner Chris Keller said a lot of people have adapted to it.

“Either you love it or you hate it,” he said. “People visit from around the area and some even travel far to come to try it especially here at our location, people love it, they say it’s one of the best around,” Keller said.

Pizza of course comes in all shapes and sizes, but for Altoona, the city is in a league of its own.

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