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DuBois EMS Ambulance Service is giving back to the family of Officer Patrick Straub, a DuBois City and Sandy Township police officer who died in a car crash this past September.

They decided to sell t-shirts, and all the proceeds will benefit Officer Straub’s family.

“Whether they want to dedicate the money to his daughter’s education, or anything she may need in the future, so the shirts were designed as a fundraiser to support them,” William Cebulskie with DuBois EMS said.

Cebulskie said DuBois EMS chose to sell shirts because it’s a small way to not only repay Officer Straub for his dedication as a first responder, but his family too.

“I think it’s only fair that we can continue on their legacy once it’s passed.”

The  design features a badge representing the departments he served and are available as t-shirts and hoodies. Order forms are available here the DuBois EMS website, by clicking here.

“You can also pick one up at the St. Marys Police Department. You can fill it out, drop it off up there, or drop it off at Downtown Imprints in DuBois,” Katie Zents with DuBois EMS said.

All orders are due November 20. Shirts will be available for pickup on December 6.

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