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At the end of the school day, the doors at WPAL Boxing and Fitness Center in DuBois open to kids age 6 to 18.

“You get the little ones that are full of energy, kind of shy, and they’re just trying to get new friends,” Program Director Tanner Gooden said. “Then you get the older kids that want challenged and just want to improve themselves.”

Gooden joined the WPAL team to start FiT Club, a free program that gives kids a place to go after school.

“Somewhere safe with good mentors, leaders, and if we can get them physically active while they’re here too, that’s really a win for all of us,” WPAL DuBois executive director Aaron Beatty said.

The program takes place Tuesday through Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. Kids can come and go on any day and at any time.

While here, they participate in a number of fitness activities and games, teaching kids that exercise can be fun.

“A lot of us adults think of exercise as ‘oh I don’t want to do that,’ but the kids, I hope if we instill good habits now, it’ll develop and they’ll enjoy exercise and just take it with them wherever they go in life,” Gooden said.

It’s more than just exercise, kids learn about healthy eating and how to make good life choices too.

For more information, or to registered call Kristy at 814-541-0129, email info@wpal.org, or message WPAL on Facebook.

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