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Over the weekend in England a metal detector enthusiast discovered a local veteran’s lost piece of WWII history, a man from Hollidaysburg, connected the veteran’s property to his daughter.

Malcolm Andrews, from Blandford Forum, England, holds metal detector events for charities on farm land, where people pay to look for buried treasure.  During one of those events on Sunday, Malcolm came across something unusual.

“I managed to find this dog tag,” Andrews said.  “I found an English, British one before, but never an American one.”

He says unlike some other tags he found in the past, he was able to read the name on this one. 

“This ons was absolutely pristine, really.”

The tag Malcolm found belonged to U.S. Army soldier Elmer Sheriff of Bellwood, Pennsylvania.

After posting a picture of the tag with its information on several Facebook pages Tim Cassidy from Hollidaysburg saw the post.

“I think it was Tim who private messaged me and I think we may have some information and it went on from there,” Cassidy said.

After the post was shared more than 1,500 times, sheriff’s step-son Robert saw the post.  Robert connected Tim with Elmer Sheriff’s daughter in Florida, Michelle Boadway.

It’s social media today, it’s great how it works,” Cassidy said.  “I’m all about posting positive stuff and finding a lost dog to whatever you have I mean, I try and help out.  I do lots of charity work and I think more people should get into that more.”  

Michelle tells WTAJ, “I am so very grateful to the person who found my father’s tags and will cherish them forever.”

She says her Dad passed in 1976.  “He was a great father and I miss him very much,” she said.  Her father would get a kick out of all this Michelle said.

Malcolm says what he found was priceless.

“To be able to sort of do that for someone is just amazing, you know and it makes me feel, you know, terrific, if you like,” Andrews said.  “It’s an amazing feeling, it’s better than finding treasure.”

Malcolm will mail the dog tag to Michelle on Thursday, so she can get a small piece of her father back soon.

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