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Folks in Clearfield are mourning the loss of a local radio icon, DJ Bob E. Day, who died suddenly on Thursday.

Mark Falvo met Bob E. Day in the late 60s… Falvo’s father was the manager of Clearfield’s a.m. radio station WCPA when Day was hired.

Later on, Day asked Falvo if he would join him for the radio’s high school sports broadcasts.

“He said, ‘Mark you’ve done football haven’t you?’ I said, ‘yeah I’ve kept stats and I read them at the half-time.’ So he said, ‘why don’t you be my partner?’ And I said, ‘it would be an honor.”

When WCPA was sold, Day was offered a position at WOKW in Clearfield.

Day accepted and worked there for 11 years until the day he died on Thursday, October 18.

In a statement to WTAJ, WOKW’s President and Sales Manager Yvonne Lehman said:

“He was the voice the Clearfield Bison on the radio for the last 50 years,” said Lehman. “The guy gave the shirt off his back to everyone who needed it. Not just in radio, to anyone. We can’t fill his shoes.”

“He was very popular with everybody,” said Falvo. “All age groups, and he was a special person.”

Falvo says he hasn’t shown emotions yet, but that could change because Day was supposed to do the play-by-play for Friday night’s football game.

Falvo: “At 7 o’clock when the game starts, and they play it after the Curwensville game, you’ll probably be able to tell our emotions at that point in time.”

The sports broadcasts will go on and so will his Sunday oldies show in honor of what Day meant to the Clearfield community.

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