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Bonfatto’s Italian restaurant, currently located on Zion Road in Bellefonte, is moving back to its roots.

Less than a year away from 100 years in business, the restaurant is heading back, just down the road from the location where it all began on High Street in downtown Bellefonte.

“It’s really kinda cool, going back downtown,” said Bonfatto’s owner David Letterman. “It feels like this is where we belong.”

Third generation owner David Letterman is feeling a little nostalgic, remembering his days working in his grandparent’s produce store.

“I used to go down with my grandmother when I was little, she would put me up on a pepsi crate, so I could push the buttons on the cash register.”

And just outside the back window of the new location is where Letterman’s grandparents lived.

He says the timing’s right for a change in location. His lease is about to be up on his current place, and the new building became available last year, which, beyond  sentimental connections to downtown, Letterman feels is a strong business decision as well.

“Downtown is evolving and with the waterfront property soon to be developed,” said Letterman. “I think it’s a great location, a centralized location, it’s close to the park, close to walking…everything that’s down there it’s close to.”

The new digs will bring a new feel, and new name.

“Its gonna be called Bonfatto’s Italian Market and Corner Cafe. So we will have authentic Italian deli, and some ready prepared meals, grab-and-go’s, we’ll have some retail space, of course our famous bonanza subs, ice cream, a few salads, and sandwiches, soup…so it’s going to be very simple…smaller than what we are right now and a whole different feel and pace.”

The market and cafe plans to open at the beginning of February 2019.

Until that time, they’ll continue to serve customers at their location on Zion road.

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