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Rob Koenigsberg loves telling ghost stories – how spirits haunt the streets of downtown Johnstown.

“Some folklore that has been passed around through the years,” said Haunted Tour guide, Rob Koenigsberg.

But why is the city so haunted?

Koenigsberg said more than 2,000 people died in the Johnstown flood of 1889 and legend has it, their souls are still around.

“They died very tragically,” said Koenigsberg. “Some would say their spirits have never left or they refuse to leave.”

But that’s not the only reason…

“The flood isn’t the only disaster that happened in Johnstown,” he said.

Koenigsberg wants to share the city’s spooky stories.

For the past five years, he’s hosted haunted walking tours, stopping off at landmarks like statues in Central Park and the Franklin Street United Methodist Church downtown, telling new ghost stories every year.

“Who wants to hear the same old stories year after year,” said Koenigsberg.

The tours raise money for the local chapter of the “Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.”

“To repair and maintain Civil War headstones and monuments,” said Koenigsberg. “And we also use some of that money to help current veterans.”

On Friday October 12 and Saturday October 13 from 6 to 9 p.m., Koenigsberg and other volunteers will put on costumes, grab a lantern, and take you on a tour of the city’s haunted history.

“It’s a great family event. We’ve had kids as young as two years old come,” said Koenigsberg. “It says haunted, but it’s not scary. We do have stories about people’s ancestors. You never know, you might hear your own ancestors’ story.”

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