WTAJ WEB 1ST: 2,000 wreaths to be placed on veterans graves

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Volunteers spent Monday morning placing markers on the graves of all veterans in St. Marys Catholic Cemetery.

It’s in preparation for Wreaths Across America– a national effort in which wreaths are placed on veterans’ graves to honor them at Christmastime.

This is the 10th year wreaths will be placed in St. Marys.

“I made up my mind, after 10 years I decided this should be the year we honor every veteran,” St. Marys Wreaths Across America organizer Dolly Wehler said.

With more than 2,000 veterans in the cemetery, that goal almost wasn’t reached.

So Wehler reached out to Joann Struble for help.

Struble “She called me the day before Thanksgiving and informed me that we were about 5 or 600 wreaths short, and I said, ‘oh my god we can’t stop now,’” Struble said.

Struble went to local businesses and clubs asking for donations.

“It’s actually very easy when you go out and tell people what you’re raising money for,” Struble said. “It was amazing how generous the local businesses, clubs, everybody was.”

Within three days, their goal was met.

“I feel so proud to be able to honor the veterans who did so much for our country,” Wehler said. “I think it’s a great way to honor them and wish them a Merry Christmas.”

The wreath ceremony will be held in the St. Marys Catholic Cemetery Saturday, December 15 at noon– the same time the ceremony is held across the country.

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