WTAJ Originals: Woman has tubes tied…has miracle baby

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Owen Bradley Rabush is less than a week away from his first birthday, and he’s mommy’s little darling, as you might expect…

“He’s just a lovable cuddle-able baby. I cannot imagine my life without him,” Jessica Rabush says, smiling.

But Jessica  and her husband Randy definitely had imagined life without a third child. After two children and two C-sections, she’d had her tubes tied, a procedure considered more than 99 percent effective.

Then, she underwent weight loss surgery dropping 150 pounds in less than a year. Imagine her surprise, when she started having pregnancy symptoms, and a test confirmed it.

She remembers, “They sent me an email saying, ‘it’s very rare after a tubal ligation but your hormone level’s rising and this looks to be a proven pregnancy, it’s implanted where it should be.'”

Her gynecologist believes the rapid weight loss may have led her tubes to fuse back together.

Since her chances of having a baby were estimated at about one in one-thousand, Jessica and her family consider Owen their miracle baby.

“The fact that we went and we had a surgical procedure to avoid having another child and then it happening to us, it’s just I foresee that God put him in our lives that he saw hat we needed to have a son and another child,” she explains.

Jessica says it’s a crazy situation, but they’re glad it happened to them.

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