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Thanks to this past weekend’s snow storm and the current below freezing temperatures, skiers in boalsburg like Kai Wadlington are noticing a big difference in the fresh powder, compared to November and december.

“Earlier there was barely any snow on most of the slopes, like there was a skinny part you could down, but now it’s really great, because the whole mountain is pretty much covered and you can go down all the runs except one, it’s really great,” Kai Wadlington, Skier, at Tussey Mountain Ski and Recreation, said.
Despite warm weather for the area in the first few months of Tussey Mountain’s ski season, Aaron Weyman, Marketing Director for the resort, says business this year has been good.
He says the snow over the weekend pushed it to the next level.
“Whenever you get more terrain open, whenever people see the snow in their own backyards, it definitely gets them more excited, more have the sports on their mind,” Aaron Weyman, Marketing Director for Tussey Mountain Ski and Recreation, said.
Kai and his sister Hilde try to get out to the slopes every week.  Hilde says the conditions for skiing now are perfect.

“I think earlier in the season it was a lot harder to ski, because there wasn’t as many runs open as it there is today and it was also a lot warmer, so you get really hot when you skied,” Hilde Wadlington, said.
Even the before the snow storm over the weekend, Tussey Mountain was able to open their tubing park on January 17th, with the help of the colder weather.
The ski resort says they will be open throughout the week through at least March .  Once Penn State has their Spring Break the ski resort typically goes to weekends only, depending on weather and business.

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