WTAJ Originals: Marijuana legalization tour stops in DuBois

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Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman’s recreational marijuana legalization tour is making its first stop in central Pennsylvania at Penn State DuBois on Thursday.

DuBois Police Chief Blaine Clark says legalizing recreational marijuana would make the job harder for law enforcement.

“Number one, there’s no real test for cannabis or THC on either traffic stops, accidents, other than it being in their system,” said Clark, and he went on to say, “It’s not like alcohol that you can get a level for.”

He says the department already faces challenges with the growing drug problem in the area.

“With the epidemic we have going on with methamphetamines and everything else that we have going on right now, it’s going to cripple us, it’s going to hurt the department,” said Chief Clark.

Clark says he will be at the Lt. Governor’s town hall to voice his concerns.

“I’m going to stand up, I want to keep the DUIs off the roads, I want to keep the crime rate down, and just in general keep this community safe,” said Clark.

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman will visit all 67 Pennsylvania counties to hear opinions on legalizing recreational marijuana.

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