WTAJ Originals: How would you spend Powerball winnings?

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With the big Powerball drawing tonight, our Colleen Knudsen went out into the community to see what locals would do with $381 million.

“First off, I think I’d make sure my family’s taken care of, probably take care of their bills, make sure everybody’s housing is secure,” said Allentown resident, Richard Gawlik, and he went on to say, “I’ve got three nieces and nephews, make sure college education fund is set up for them. My daughter, of course…make sure she has a trust fund set up and then a lot of the money I think I’d just go out and create a foundation and work on trying to improve homeless problems and poor problems in Allentown, all around the state of Pennsylvania actually.”

“If I won $380 million, first thing I’d do is to upgrade my house and then I would upgrade my children’s homes then I would put money into a trust fund for my children and my grandchildren’s education, to further their education,” said Loy Noel, a Blandburg resident.

Dylan Mills, an Altoona resident said, “I would probably give it to my family and my brother and sister. Like my sister, she has worries about not being able to pay off student debt, so I’d help out with that and help my family with other things that they may need and use the rest for myself. Maybe just help myself out with school, get to college or, when I’m older, I want to play soccer in Europe, so maybe go to an academy of some sort.”

“Probably give a large portion of it to charity,” said Ebensburg resident Paul Forcellini. “I would take care of friends and family and I would definitely quit my job.”

And when asked about their chances  to win the big cash, almost everyone had the same answer.

“The chances? Slim to none, and I think slim is on vacation.”

“Pretty slim.”

“Umm pretty slim.”

“Pretty good because you reminded me it’s tonight.”

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