WTAJ Originals: Free coffee offered to first responders, road crews

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With road crews and first responders wokring out in the cold, winter weather, the owners of Greenbean Coffee House, Travis and Katy McCabe, wanted to do something to show their graditude: free coffee.

“They deserve a little bit of what we can do for them, and that little bit, in our case, is a cup of coffee. Come out and get warm. They’ve been wokring 12 or 14 hour days. Here’s a little pick me up,” Travis McCabe said.

Travis said folks tend to forget about those road and emergency crews that have to work in dangerous conditions. He even told his morning baristas to not come in because of the road conditions, but he said customers have been coming by despite the weather.

“We’ve had drive-thrus all day, so people are out and about. Like I said, we kind of take for granted that there are people that do have to go to work today. We got to be there for them,” he said.

This is not the first time Greenbean has given back to the community. Their suspended coffee program lets customers buy a coffee, hot chocolate, or muffin in advance for anyone in need. Plus, first responders are always given discounts and free drinks.

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