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The last time anyone heard from 60 year-old Jean Tuggy was January 20th, 2016.  The next day friends stopped by her Pine Grove Mills home, but found their friend, dead.  

“Through the investigation they found out that she was shot and at that time the officers weren’t able to develop any suspects in the case,” Chris Albright, Chief for the Ferguson Township Police Department, said.
Chief Albright says suicide and manslaughter have been ruled out. 
According to police interviews, family and friends are not aware of any conflicts jean had with anyone at the time of her death.
In July of 2018 Chief Albright put two detectives on the cold case.

“They’re going to be going through all of the evidence, all of the interviews, all of the reports, trying to figure out if there’s information missing, if somebody wasn’t talked to and then going back through and essentially redoing the investigation,” Chief Albright said.
So far with no new witness or evidence investigators are coming up empty handed.
Even if you have a hunch -police say any small detail could make or break the case.

“For anybody that knew jean or has information about the case, contact us and provide that information for us, even if it’s something that they think is trivial, that might be the piece that we need to direct our investigation,” Chief Albright said.
Having unsolved murder in your community is frustrating for police and alarming for neighbors. 

“I can’t go out and say, Hhey no need to worry, we know what happened type thing, there’s no threat to the community.  Unfortunately in this case, we don’t have a lot of information to come right out and say that there isn’t a reason for uneasiness,” Chief Albright said.
Police hope bringing attention to this cold case will give them the big break they need.

“Our goal is to bring closure to the family, and get answers and bring somebody to justice.”

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