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The “ACRES” project stands for “Adults Creating Residential Employment Solutions.” It’s a place where adults with autism can learn, play, and work.

Autism is often thought of as a childhood thing, but it’s a lifelong disorder, you’re always going to have kids with autism grow up to be adults with autism. Once you’re 21 you age out of all the support you’ve had through school.

-Mary Krupa, ACRES Project employee

After 38 years of teaching children, many on the autism spectrum, bellamarie bregar helped create the ACRES Project…Not just to teach…But also to provide a space for autistic adults to hang out, and relax.

Autism actually has the highest unemployment rate of any demographic. Even among college graduates on the austim spectrum, 80 percent are unemployed, and it’s not because they’re not capable of working, it’s because they may have difficulty with things like a job interview, or have a hard time managing their time.

-Mary Krupa 

ACRES helps applicants with autism practice for those situations as well as helping them with budgeting money, healthy eating and more.

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