CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A woman faces charges after police say they found bath salts in her vehicle and she gave them a false name.

In Nov. 2017, police were patrolling the area of Hickory Drive and Redwood Drive in Cambria County at night when they saw a van with no lights on but saw two people inside it. In the charges filed, police note that at the time the area was seeing a rise in drug activity.

When speaking to police outside the van, 36-year-old Ashley Hofer of Altoona gave them a different name and said that she was just giving her partner a ride. When she was patted down police found a container that had powder residue in it.

After seeing her partner move around in the vehicle, police searched the vehicle and upon opening the passenger door, they saw a syringe and other drug paraphernalia in a black purse between the seats. Police found bath salts, drug paraphernalia, $798 and Hofer’s ID after searching the vehicle.

In a written statement to police Hofer said that she was giving her partner a ride to buy bath salts, according to the complaint.

Hofer faces numerous drug charges along with misdemeanor charges such as identity theft and falsely incriminating another person. She has an unsecured bail amount set at $20,000 and awaits a preliminary hearing for Jan. 26.

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