CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – On Thursday, July 7 officers responded to a suspected domestic violence assault at a DuBois apartment.

Officers were sent to an apartment where Ashlee Bennett, 25, was staying after a welfare check was requested because she had sent photos of her injuries to another person and claimed she “feared for her life”.

Upon arriving at the apartment complex officers found the ID of Bennett’s ex-boyfriend as well as his wallet, laying on the floor, according to the criminal complaint.

Officers knocked on Bennett’s door, but there was no response. However, a neighbor spoke with officers regarding Bennett and her ex-boyfriend. The neighbor stated that the two had been arguing all day and had heard Bennett hitting her ex. The complaint also said that the neighbor noted a stab wound and swelling on the man.

Officers contacted the other resident in the neighbor’s apartment and they also reported that Bennett and her ex-boyfriend were in a physical fight. The complaint also states that both the neighbors identified Bennett as the primary aggressor in the assault.

Police again knocked on the apartment door before Bennett answered according to the criminal complaint. Bennett told officers her ex-boyfriend was not there and had left after taking fuses from her vehicle.

According to the complaint, officers noted that the apartment had been trashed and asked Bennett how it occurred. Bennett suggested that her ex had caused the damage, but admitted that she had cut him after officers asked her if the two had been in a fight. Bennett told police she cut her ex by accident according to police reports.

The criminal complaint described Bennett as angry and aggressive, but once officers started to question her about the assault she was noted to act timid and nervous. Bennett admitted to be using methamphetamine in the criminal complaint and blamed her ex as the reason she relapsed into drugs.

Officers were unable to resolve the property damage claims that Bennett had spoken of and noted that it made her very angry. Bennet declined to leave the apartment after claiming it was unsafe, instead officers noted that she said she would wait for her ex to return to then “handle it herself”.

Officers spoke to the neighbor again, who gave more information about the ex-boyfriend and said that she had been in contact with the victim’s mother. Officers reached out to the mother of the victim and received photos that had been sent to her earlier that day. The photos were of the abuse that was previously stated.

Bennett was then taken into custody for domestic violence. The search of her apartment uncovered a small amount of suspected marijuana. Bennett was highly aggressive according to the report. The report also said that Bennett advised officers to watch the contents of the video camera that she had on her fridge, as it contained footage of her ex attacking her. However, upon review officers found that the footage consisted of Bennett attempting to provoke him and even swinging a pan at him on several occasions.

According to officers, Bennett claimed that she had tried to kill herself and that her ex had beaten her to the point she had been throwing up blood all day. She was transported to Penn Highlands via ambulance and evaluated by medical professionals.

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Bennett was released to the Clearfield County Jail for arraignment. She has been charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, simple assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, and harassment.