CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — WTAJ-TV and its parent company, Nexstar Media Inc., announced they will be donating $9,000 to the Cambria County Regional Firefighters Association.

Through the Nexstar Media Charitable Foundation, the money will help the association with basic classroom training for firefighting and rescue personnel with the purchase of a Smart Rescue Dummy for use in training and certification tests.

“This grant is extremely important to us, and we are grateful to the Nexstar Charitable Foundation and WTAJ-TV for helping to bring it to fruition,” President of the Cambria County Regional Firefighter’s Association Nick Wuckovich said. “The training and equipment enabled by this grant will make a significant impact on our basic firefighting training program, and the Smart Rescue Dummy will be utilized in exercises for years to come. The service we provide to firefighters across the region and the high-quality of the training we offer is the foundation for everything we do.”

WTAJ-TV and its parent company, Nexstar Media Inc., presents a $9,000 check to the Cambria County Regional Firefighters Association on Thursday, June 9, 2022.

Established in 1922, the Cambria County Regional Firefighters Association represents 58 fire departments in five counties in West Central Pennsylvania with aim to deliver quality training and education as well as professional certification. It owns and operates a 48-acre training facility that includes a classroom building, a burn building, a maze, a flammable liquids pit, a confined space rescue area, and several other hands-on learning stations.

The site is open year-round and is used for open classes as well as closed department training. The site and its instructors are certified by Bucks County Community College and the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy. Each year, the association provides educational and training programs to approximately 660 personnel through onsite class offerings and 69 through its Essentials Classes, which are held at five regional sites.

“WTAJ-TV prides itself on its connection to the Central Pennsylvania region,” Vice President and General Manager of WTAJ-TV Phil Dubrow said. “Like everyone who lives and works here, we rely on the protection provided by our area firefighters to keep us safe, and if we can help improve their training, we are pleased to do so. Giving back to the communities served by Nexstar across the country is core to the company’s mission, and we are honored that the Nexstar Media Charitable Foundation is making this donation in recognition of the deep relationship between WTAJ-TV and the Cambria County Regional Firefighters Association.”

The Nexstar Media Charitable Foundation’s mission is to contribute to and work with public charities and non-profit organizations to improve the communities in which Nexstar Media and its subsidiaries do business. It was originally established in 1958, and it makes donations of approximately $350,000 annually.