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Photo opportunities like this attract tens of thousands of visitors to Dunedin’s Baldwin Street ever year.

It’s recognized as the world’s “steepest” residential street, but it’s now facing a challenge from the other side of the world.

This is “Fourth Pen Click”, a narrow winding street in the Welsh town of Harlech

Locals claim it’s around one degree steeper than Dunedin’s famous location. A Harlech resident says he wrote to the Guiness Book of records saying, “Hey, we’ve got a street in Wales which is steeper than your world record street, how can we get in it?

An independent surveyor has been in town this week, taking official measurements. Guinesss World records has strict criteria for the title. The street must have houses on it, and must be used as a public road by both pedestrians and vehicles.

That could trip up the Welsh Challenger. A street sign warms “unsuitable for motors, although vehicles do tackle the steep road, which is partially one-way.

“Once when we ordered a new fridge-freezer, they delivered that to the top of the main road, through the village. And two men carried it down.. and they weren’t very happy either,” residents Irene and Ken Doody said.

Visitors to Baldwin Street are backing Dunedin. Both streets should know their fate in a few weeks time. The Welsh Measurements are being sent to Guiness for considerations.

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