Trending: Romeo and Juliet as…Frogs?

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The world’s loneliest frog has a big date lined up for Valentine’s Day.

Scientists have found a potential mate for Romeo. A sehuencas water frog who’s been alone and single for the last 10 years.

He’s housed in a museum in Bolivia, and was considered possibly the last living water frog of his kind.

He got worldwide attention last year when conservationists created a dating profile for him.

A zoologist led a frog-finding expedition last month in Bolivia’s cloud forest and found two female and two males of Romeo’s species.

One of the females, aptly named Juliet, is the perfect age for reproduction. The others are younger and not ready yet.

Scientists are set up Romeo and Juliet on a blind date this Valentine’s Day, with hopes they will hit it off and save their species from extinction.

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