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It’s been an emotional and frantic two weeks searching for Ethel, a 2-year-old tortoise.

During the day her owners typically allow Ethel to roam outside to get sun and exercise. They’ve put little fences up to keep her from escaping, but that day her owners left the house briefly, and Ethel found an opening.

You may be thinking far can a little turtle really go? The owners say turtles are built to walk miles in a day and can walk really far looking for food.

Since the escape Ethel’s owners have been looking under bushes, in corners, in neighbor’s homes, and they even put up flyers, offering a $5000 reward for anyone that finds her and returns her safely.

Here’s the thing about Ethel, She’s no ordinary tortoise. She’s an Instagram sensation, stealing hearts online with more than 6,500 followers. Her owners say their hope is that she found a nice cozy spot where she’s snoozing having sweet dreams.

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