New York woman wants answers from cleaning service

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A New York woman wants answers.

She says a cleaning service worker damaged her apartment, raided her liquo cabinet, and passed out on her floor. The cleaning service says the worker was not employed by them.

It’s the last thing Geneviever Snow expected to find on her kitchen floor after she hired a cleaning service to clean up her Williamsburg apartment.

The cleaning worker had passed out on the floor, drunk, and her apartment left in shambles.

Her roommate, who discovered the worker and snapped the now infamous photo called 911.

They quickly realized that the worker hired through Joanna’s Cleaning Servcie in Brookyln did everything. But, instead they raided the liquor cabinet and caused over $400 worth of damage, even helping themselves to ice cream.

Responding officers did not file a report, moting no crime was committed as Snow allowed them to enter.

Willing to put the whole epiosde behind her, the 29-year old wanted to be reimbursed, but instead got a run around the service’s point of contact.

After posting about the incident — which happened in late August — on Facebook and leaving a scathing review on the cleaner’s Yelp page, the story got even more bizzare.

The worker who took the cleaning job was a disgruntled ex-employee who had launched her own cleaning service five years ago by the same name, which means Snow may have been duped.

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